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Never trust anybody who says that they don’t like The Beatles. Sure, they might not be your favourite band ever, and they do have such a broad and variable catalogue of material that there’s bound to be something in there you just can’t get away with - personally, I’d rather listen to three minutes of two feral bobcats fighting in a telephone box than have to go through the ordeal of Octopus’s Garden - but by and large, there is a very, very good reason as to why they are the biggest band ever.

Of course, with that sort of messianic status, there comes an unholy amount of scrutiny to boot. The Fab Four’s music has been studied and pored over in the same way that people obsess about the lore and legend that upholds Tolkien’s Middle Earth, or how I can recite the local Chinese takeaway’s menu, savant-like, from memory.

Even things you know inside out can give you a little surprise every now and again. And with that in mind, here are nine hidden details you might have missed in Beatles songs…