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Star Trek: Picard - 7 Ups & 2 Downs From Episode 4 'Absolute Candor'

Star Trek Picard

After two consecutive weeks of Star Trek: Picard resembling the opening scenes of a heist movie ("you son of a b***h, Jean-Luc, I'm in!), fans were braced for Episode 4 being yet another installment that was more about what's going to happen that what actually is.

Indeed, that's been the biggest criticism of the show so far. Soji has some terrible ties to the Borg Artifact... but we're no closer to learning what those are. Synths wiped out the Federation rescue fleet on Mars... but we've not thought about the reasons why yet. Bruce Maddox is out there somewhere and might hold the key... but we've not really made any strides towards finding him.

The show has a lot of positives going for it, in particular its terrific supporting cast, and that's just about kept things ticking along in the meantime. However the patience of fans is not inexhaustible, and as a result 'Absolute Candor' badly needed to deliver on some of the series' many exciting premises. Let's see if it did...